Amenities and services

Facilities and services available for passengers at Panama Tocumen International Airport are listed below.

Financial services


ATM automatic teller machines of the following banks: Scotiabank, Banistmo, Davivienda, Global Bank, Banco Panamá, Caja de Ahorros, Banco Nacional de Panamá.
Bank branch of Banco Nacional de Panama at level 100
Currency Exchange RedPlus with 3 desks: (Public area, North dock, Free zone). Hours: 6:00 a.m. at 9:00 p.m.

Internet and Public phones

Tocumen International Airport offers free access to WIFI (Tocumen Free) with a duration of two hours.
In turn, there are public telephones located diagonally from the immigration controls on level 200, in the duty free area, and on the outside of level 100.




0 – 120 MIN. (2 hours) - $ 0.03 usd
121 – 360 MIN. (6 hours) - $ 0.04 usd
1 día or 24 hrs. - $ 24.02 usd

$0.01 USD for min., over 361 min., to a maximum per day of $24.02 USD


Passengers with special needs

Reduced Mobility
The Airport has elevators, restrooms, signage, parking and ramps for wheelchairs, among others.

Traveling with minors

Viajar con menores

To travel with minors from Panama, Article 40 of Law Decree No. 30 of February 22, 2008 must be complied with. It establishes the requirements and formalities that all Panamanian minors or residents must comply with upon their departure from Panama. National territory.

The departures from the national territory of any minor Panamanian or foreign person who is under any migratory category, will be allowed in the following cases:

1. If you are accompanied by your mother or father.

2. If he is accompanied by one of his parents and he has the written authorization of the other, duly authenticated by a notary public.

3. If he is accompanied by one of his parents and he has the authorization of the judge duly empowered to do so, and in the event of the death of one of the parents, he will add a death certificate for the absent person.

4. If he is accompanied by a third party, he must present written authorization from both parents as established in numbers 2 and 3 of this article.

5. If the minor is traveling alone, they must present the written authorization of both parents, as established in numbers 2 and 3 of this article.

Non-resident foreign minors are excluded from this provision.

Along with the requirements already established in Article 40, the following documents must be provided:

1. Original birth certificate of the minor.

2. Those born in Panama who carry passports of other nationalities must also register as established in Article 40.

Lost Property

If during your stay at the airport you lost any personal object, you can contact the lost property office by calling +507 238-2938 or writing to the email [email protected]
Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Outside these hours you can go directly to the Information Center, located on level 200 of the passenger terminal.

For cases of loss or damage to the checked bag or forgetting the cabin bag on the plane, you should contact your airline directly, at the check-in counters located in the public departure hall.

Medical emergencies

Emergency clinic at level 100 at the end of the car rental area, but if necessary, the medical staff will move to any area of ​​the airport, in case the patient deserves it. Part of the airport emergency plan is in conjunction with airport firefighters.

Its function is both the medical care of passengers (including those in transit) and visitors, since it has medical and paramedical personnel for the case of medical emergencies and air disasters.

If they are serious pathologies, the patient is stabilized and transferred to a hospital, for which the airport has ambulances. This medical service is free.